The Alchemy of Transformation

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Pluto is stationing direct this weekend, having been retrograde since the end of April. Pluto represents evolution, transformation, the process of diving into the depths of our own psyche, letting the old fall away, then emerging, reborn, transformed, new. It’s not a one and done process, we go through many transformations throughout our lives. This year however, everything is amplified and the transformation we are experiencing both personally and collectively in 2020 feels like one we have been waiting lifetimes for.

A fire is being lit underneath us, urging us to really look at what we’re doing in this world. What is our purpose for being here on Earth, at this time? Answering that question can feel a bit overwhelming, confusing and perhaps something beyond what our mind can even comprehend.

Instead we can try answering a more tangible question — what lights you up? Answer that, and the rest will follow. As Joseph Campbell once said, when you “follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you...”

Following your bliss is truly the secret to living a Soul aligned, fulfilled, purposeful life. It’s like a key unlocking all the doors along the way, bringing you exactly what you need to heal, transform, grow and evolve. When we do this, when we follow the Soul’s path, the effect of that ripples out, and as subtle or as insignificant as it may feel, it shifts the whole of the world.

Another piece to transformation is endings, or death. It has to happen for something new to grow. A caterpillar has to turn into an ooey gooey mess within its cocoon, completely dissolving and falling apart, before it can become a butterfly. In the myth of Inanna, Sumerian Goddess of Heaven and Earth, she is killed and hung quite grotesquely on a meat hook, before she can ascend from the Underworld, reborn, her fully aligned and divinized self. In the Greek myth of Persephone, she must first be pulled into the Underworld, before she can awaken to her full sexuality and discover her true calling as Queen of the Underworld, guiding lost souls.

Death is part of the process. But we aren’t great at letting go, or surrendering to the unknown. We like to have control and know what’s coming next. So, we start small. We can begin with the mundane, letting go of old belongings, and quite literally cleaning out our basements in the physical world. When we’re ready, we can move to things outside of ourselves. Letting go of old relationships, jobs, places we’ve lived where we’ve left parts of ourselves behind. Then we move within. The hardest part, is letting parts of ourself die. The old beliefs, familial patterning, karmic imprints that we carry with us. When we’re ready to let go of everything we think we know about ourselves, we discover the parts of us dying to be expressed. The parts of us that we’ve hidden, repressed, forgotten. We start to remember. We start to remember our pure, wild essence. And that, is when the magic begins.

When these two elements are combined — following your bliss & letting go — there’s an alchemy of transformation. The Soul begins to shine through, radiant and brighter than gold.

Pluto stations direct on October 4, 2020

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